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Winter weather tips

Thu, 21 Nov, 2013

Winter weather tips

Cold temperatures, wind chill and snow can make getting to and from school challenging. This winter season, Edmonton Public Schools is reminding parents, guardians and families of the following:

  • Edmonton Public Schools does not close schools due to inclement weather. Assume that schools are open unless you hear otherwise through the media or directly from the school.
  • Schools need to remain open even under the most severe weather conditions to provide attending students with a safe and secure environment.
  • Students will be kept inside, during recess and the lunch hour, if temperatures reach -23 degrees Celsius.
  • Yellow school buses may run later than usual or not at all. As a result, students may have to wait at their bus stop for longer periods of time. Parents are asked to ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather and are not left unattended at bus stops for any period of time, under any circumstances. Parents also asked to have alternate arrangements in place for getting children to school should the bus not arrive.

Following these guidelines will help students get to school safely and ready to learn!