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Information about November bus fees

Mon, 19 Oct, 2020

News item: Information about November bus fees

Students who are switching between in-person and online learning for Quarter 2 (Q2) will pay different yellow bus fees for the month of November, since the transition between Q1 and Q2 falls in the middle of the month. 


If your child is:

  • transitioning from in-person learning to online learning for Q2, you will pay $16 for their monthly bus fee until November 10
  • transitioning from online learning to in-person learning for Q2, you will pay $22 for their monthly bus fees for November 16-30
  • continuing with in-person learning and yellow bus service, you will pay the monthly yellow bus fee of $38


Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) passes are $60 for a monthly pass. The City of Edmonton does not offer a partial monthly bus pass. Students who are transitioning from in-person learning or online learning for Q2 may want to consider other options instead, such as purchasing single-use tickets from ETS.

The deadline to purchase November ETS passes is November 15. Students transitioning from online learning to in-person learning for Q2 should contact their school to purchase their monthly ETS pass before November 15.

Learn more about bus passes and fees.