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Shoutouts for students

Mon, 20 Jun, 2022

News item: Shoutouts for Students

Last week we asked for messages to celebrate our students—and you delivered!. With more than 200 submissions, we heard from staff, parents and other students about what stood out for them about the past year.

Here’s a sampling of the responses we received (with some submissions edited for clarity).

How students inspire

We asked all respondents for one word to describe students this year, and the overwhelming leader was “resilient.” Here's what else they had to say about students and the incredible things they accomplished this year.

Students are so incredible. They are able to learn in difficult times and make each day count.
—community member

They are so resilient. With everything that has happened with COVID, they have come back with so much energy and excitement for school.

It has been so uplifting to see students making the most of their situation despite the many hurdles of the last few years. They inspire me to find joy in small things and to lean on imagination, creativity and humour when times are tough.

The students graduating are an exceptional breed. You haven't had one year of normalcy in high school, but here you are. Graduating and being amazing people in the community.

Thoughts for grads

As this year’s grads move on to the next stage in their lives, our respondents had some words of wisdom for the class of 2022.

Keep going, keep learning, keep being curious. You define who you are and take the time to find that out!

Here's the big secret none of the adults share: we don't have it figured out yet, either. All we all do is get up every day and do the best we can. You do that and you're doing more than enough. Make your world a better place little by little every day!

You are the future that we look to. May you continue in your growth as a human being and look back with wonderment and joy.

Practical advice from parents, teachers and students

Grads weren’t the only ones getting end-of-school advice. Parents, teachers and other students also had some practical thoughts for students to take into the summer.

Please don't forget the stuff they teach you in math. It comes back, harder, the next year.
—Grade 8 student

Never give up.
—Grade 5 student

Get out and do fun things. Experiences are the best.

Don't lose contact with your friends.
—Grade 9 student

No matter what grade you're in, we've all had a rough few years. So use this break to take a rest, because it's OK to not be OK.
—Grade 7 student

Take time to relax and regroup. Be a kid and enjoy your summer… It’ll be over before you know it.

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