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Statement about altercation outside Rosslyn School

Fri, 23 Apr, 2021

News item: Statement about altercation outside Rosslyn School

On Friday, April 16, there was an altercation involving a few Rosslyn students, as well as individuals who do not attend the school, where a student was attacked.

What happened outside of Rosslyn School last week is unacceptable, deeply disturbing and is of immense concern to Edmonton Public Schools. The school is working with the Edmonton Police Service as they investigate.

We know that an incident of this nature will be greatly concerning, upsetting and triggering for our families. 

All student conduct is subject to the Education Act, Administrative Regulation on Student Suspension and Expulsion and Student Suspension and Expulsion Board Policy where potential consequences to any findings of misconduct could include:

  • suspension
  • expulsion from school-sponsored activities
  • expulsion from a school
  • conflict resolution, mediation or interventions 

The Division is bound by privacy legislation and cannot provide information about who may have been involved or any potential related consequences. 

The words and actions of individuals can be extremely hurtful. There is no place for these kinds of actions or language in our schools or community. We must continue to work together as a community and as a school Division towards the elimination of systemic racism and violence. While our Division is taking steps and working with the community around the elimination of racism in our schools, it’s clear that we have much work to do.

--Superintendent Darrel Robertson