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Celebrating the newly renamed kisêwâtisiwin School

Tue, 17 May, 2022

News item: Dan Knott renaming (kisêwâtisiwin School)

Edmonton Public Schools is proud to announce the newly renamed kisêwâtisiwin School in Mill Woods. This announcement comes after two years of dedicated work by Indigenous leaders, Division staff, students, teachers, parents and community members.

The decision to rename Dan Knott School was made in the spring of 2020. As part of the renaming process, the school held a series of engagement sessions where students, staff and community members gave feedback on the direction of the new name.

Attendees expressed that the name should be an Indigenous word or phrase to honour the people who first inhabited the land. Students and staff from the school were also adamant that the name reflect the diversity of area and the school’s values of kindness and acceptance.

Following the engagement sessions, an Indigenous naming committee was formed to consult on the project and choose the new name.

In April 2022, kisêwâtisiwin (ki se wât si win)—a Cree word that can be translated into English as the act of being kind—was gifted to the school.

To learn more about the renaming project, read our story about how the name was chosen and watch the video.